The Rough Guide to the CIPD L&D Show 2016

The two days of the CIPD L&D Show 2016 generated a huge amount of material.  Some of it came from the CIPD "blogsquad" of which I was a member.  I thought I'd bring some of it together in a rough narrative - leaning very heavily on the curation work of Ian Pettigrew, Con Sotidis and others. The... Continue Reading →


One single piece of advice

At one of the afternoon sessions on Day One of the CIPD L&D Show, a workshop participant put up their hand and asked panellists Anne Parker ( and Peter Kay (Tarmac): "What's the one piece of advice you would give to somebody starting out in L&D?" The summary of the response was "Treat people as... Continue Reading →

This is what L&D people are like

Dr George Sik, consultant psychologist at eras ltd gave a Topic Taster session at the CIPD L&D Show.  Using psychometric data from over 4,000 people, the talk was entitled: "Learning and Development professionals: what gives you the edge?" Self-knowledge is clearly a big draw, judging from the crowded arena.  Perhaps as many as 150 nervous professionals waited... Continue Reading →

Strengths-based development

Trudy Bailey led a session at the Learning Arena on strengths-based development.  Trudy is a consultant at CAPP & Co Ltd.  She was supported by psychologist Reena Jamnadas, who took part in a live demonstration of a coaching conversation. Trudy set out three crucial areas for strengths: Performance - what we do well Energy -... Continue Reading →

7 Key Learning Trends

The Open University will be launching its Trends in Learning 2016 report at the CIPD L&D Show next week - here's a link to the timetable.  Look for 10:55 on Wednesday.  It's one of the free sessions in the main exhibition hall. Everybody loves a Key Learning Trend, and there will be seven of them.... Continue Reading →

Forager-learners at #cipdldshow

I'm attending the CIPD L&D Show 2016 - and this time, for the first time, as an official "blogsquad" member. This means I get to look frantic with a laptop for two days. Clearly there's a wealth of learning at #cipdldshow - er, that's the point - but how do you go about prioritising your... Continue Reading →

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