One single piece of advice

At one of the afternoon sessions on Day One of the CIPD L&D Show, a workshop participant put up their hand and asked panellists Anne Parker ( and Peter Kay (Tarmac): “What’s the one piece of advice you would give to somebody starting out in L&D?”

The summary of the response was “Treat people as individuals, understand their motivation” (probably didn’t do justice to the richness of the answers there, but had to fit both Q and A into a tweet).

The tweet elicited a few more suggestions, so I buttonholed some colleagues and brought it all together in the list below.  I think we’re still some way from publishing the definitive “Beginner’s Guide to L&D” but this is thoughtful advice from experienced professionals, so have a look.

One piece of advice..

People are always learning – our role is to help them realise that, offer support and help them to keep on learning – @PaulDuxbury

Discover what your people need in order to achieve the business objectives and then deliver that – creatively – @TrngDesign

Don’t follow Fads!! – @LearnKotch

Be really curious, don’t be afraid to challenge, and always keep your focus on impact – @KingfisherCoach

You’re not supposed to have all the answers – facilitate debate, discussion, idea creation and stay curious – @hvanameyde

Understand what learning means and what learning is valued in your organisation by engaging with all stakeholders to gain quick wins – @GilesOHalloran

Understand the organisation and what it needs to deliver the strategy – @WildFigSolns

Bring your best thinking to what you do.  Think well, think often and think with ease. Better work comes from better thinking. – @philwillcox

And to add mine (blogger’s privilege):

You may have to unlearn a lot of your assumptions about learning.  And then help others unlearn them as well.  Be patient and keep a smile on your face! – @LearningFCO

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