The Learning Conspiracies

I’ve been working on a book called The Learning Conspiracies and I’ve reached that point where, although I know it still needs work, I really need to start sharing it. It’s 50,000 words of non-fiction about Learning & Development and fortunately it breaks down into sections quite easily - well, quite easily after three years... Continue Reading →


Learning: The Evidence Is Out There

We have reasonable excuses not to engage with the evidence on learning.   ResearchED founder Tom Bennett identified four of them in a recent speech on the "evidence revolution": we don't have the time (heard that before?) we don't need to know the research to be good teachers or educators research is disputable anyway learning is not... Continue Reading →

Please help with a good question from my boss

My boss has posed a rather good question: How do professional services organisations justify the time which is spent by their expert staff on Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? - time during which they could have been earning individual consultancy income, or working on project teams.  What is good industry practice in terms of demonstrating value? How do consultancies... Continue Reading →

Nine Ways to Avoid Dropout

British Embassies employ more than 15,000 people scattered around the planet, so online and remote learning are a crucial part of the mix for the Diplomatic Academy.  Crucial, that is, as long as people take part. We all know the dropout rate on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) looks like the 62m drop on the... Continue Reading →

Getting to Grips with MOOCs

Donald H Taylor’s recently updated blog on MOOCs inspired me to write about what we’re doing with MOOCs in the Diplomatic Academy.  Basically we’re hoping to support online learners by making MOOCs part of blended programmes, rather than letting them sit there as self-study options.  It’s very early days.  It would be great to hear... Continue Reading →

On Being Sold To

You have put your life’s work into building a business which makes and sells Fake Zebra Fur Coats.  Or recently you got a sales job for Fake Zebra Fur Coats Ltd.  Either way, I understand and appreciate your passion for Fake Zebra Fur Coats.  We all need to make a living. *cough* Learning Management Systems... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Goldfish

My last four blogs have covered: Why we’ve got a lot of competition for people’s attention (Waving at Concorde) Why we can’t assume we’ve beaten that competition, even when people are looking right at us (Lights On, Nobody Home) What’s actually going on inside people’s heads when they’re trying to pay attention (Posner and Petersen)... Continue Reading →

Offensive Tackles

I’m not a particular fan of American Football, but it offers a great metaphor for the brain’s inhibitory system, so I’m suspending judgement for the next 600 words.  Anyway Hunter S Thompson liked it so it can’t be all bad. When we’re trying to focus on something – trying to focus on somebody talking to... Continue Reading →

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