Unhappy Sheets, Part Two (Haunted by Feedback)

In my previous post (Unhappy Sheets) I gave two good reasons for sticking with the much-maligned Level 1 evaluation forms. But it's true that Happy Sheets don't tell you much about actual learning.  I accept that's a strong logical reason for wanting to see the back of them. However, I have a hunch there's a psychological reason as well.  There is... Continue Reading →


Unhappy Sheets, Part One

"Happy Sheets" have been given a violent battering over the years by otherwise peaceful L&D folk.  Otherwise known as Level 1 reaction sheets on the Kirkpatrick evaluation model, they were recently nominated by learning professionals at #LearningLive to go into "Room 101". I understand they were saved, not by a last-minute burst of pity, but by an even... Continue Reading →

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