Forager-learners at #cipdldshow

I'm attending the CIPD L&D Show 2016 - and this time, for the first time, as an official "blogsquad" member. This means I get to look frantic with a laptop for two days. Clearly there's a wealth of learning at #cipdldshow - er, that's the point - but how do you go about prioritising your... Continue Reading →


Working out loud: does it help?

Last week I blogged on future online courses in the Diplomatic Academy - The brave new world of online courses - and shared the link in two ways: "externally" via a few tweets, and "internally" in my organisation via the intranet (FCO PeopleFinder). This was a very small-scale experiment in "working out loud".  I picked a subject which I thought was... Continue Reading →

The brave new world of online courses

“Glorified correspondence classes”. “All the drawbacks of sage-on-the-stage, Professor-based teaching.. but without the warmth of human contact.” “The latest fad.” "Nobody ever finishes them." “Isn’t it just e-learning with a few more bells and whistles?” All accusations levelled at the new generation of online courses – whether you call them MOOCs, xMOOCs, cMOOCs or guided... Continue Reading →

The future (or not) of the internal L&D provider

I thought I'd flag up two pieces of work that caught my eye last week. Firstly, Jane Hart (@C4LPT) has published some contributions she's gathered for an article entitled: "What if there were no L&D Department?" These include comments from well-known L&D thinkers Charles Jennings, Clark Quinn and Harold Jarche.. and from a couple of colleagues in the... Continue Reading →

Bartender! A Triple Pomodoro

A few words, phrases and concepts I've come across recently in Learning & Development.  These may be old hat to you, but they're new to me. Pomodoro.  This refers to a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, and by extension, to an intense 25-minute burst of concentration on a given topic.  There is more (there is always more) but... Continue Reading →

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