Bartender! A Triple Pomodoro

A few words, phrases and concepts I’ve come across recently in Learning & Development.  These may be old hat to you, but they’re new to me.

  • Pomodoro.  This refers to a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, and by extension, to an intense 25-minute burst of concentration on a given topic.  There is more (there is always more) but the poetry stops at the name.  “Go away – I’ve just started a pomodoro..”
  • #Madwriting.  This takes the pomodoro into peer pressure territory.  Several people who need to get more words on the page agree to do a simultaneous pomodoro.  The wordcount is then reported by Twitter or other means after 30 (not 25) minutes.  Clearly this makes it “one louder” than a pomodoro.  I may not have understood it correctly – more here.
  • Nootropics.  A collective term for smart drugs and “cognitive enhancers”.  Apparently these are legal but, full and boring disclosure, a “flat white” is about as far as I’ve been (yes I mean the coffee).   I’ll tell you one thing though, the future of coffee is definitely NOT “chewable coffee cubes”.
  • Lombard Effect.  Actually I’m not sure this has any relevance to L&D, but I’d like to find some.  This is the involuntary effect whereby you raise your voice – and articulate words rather differently – if you’re in a loud environment.  One angle is that it’s used to detect people who are simply pretending to have a hearing defect.  There must be a leadership, or presentation skills, or cognitive metaphor in here somewhere.  Maybe the parallel is that in a formal discussion, say a team meeting, we tend to come across as more convinced of our views, more articulate and less nuanced, than we would be over a chat and a coffee.. does that work?

Have you got any to add?







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