11 obsolete things

With the recent changes to the UK National Lottery, increasing the odds to 45 million to 1, apparently you are now twice as likely to be made a Saint as you are to win the jackpot. Good work from the lottery. But I can beat that.  Statistically, winning the UK jackpot is still more likely for... Continue Reading →


Haifetz: the signs of danger

One of the best books I've ever read about leadership is Leadership without Easy Answers by Ronald Haifetz. One of his major points is that leaders should be able to spot "work avoidance".  By which he doesn't mean people skiving off, or low productivity.  He means there are certain issues which are so difficult - so difficult to... Continue Reading →

Is L&D acting like Volkswagen?

I've had a horrible thought. Are we, in L&D, guilty of installing defeat devices? I'm talking about our approach to assessment centres and various types of testing. But let's recap on the Volkswagen situation. Volkswagen has admitted installing software in diesel cars which reduces emissions purely for the duration of a test, and then whacks them... Continue Reading →

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