One single piece of advice

At one of the afternoon sessions on Day One of the CIPD L&D Show, a workshop participant put up their hand and asked panellists Anne Parker ( and Peter Kay (Tarmac): "What's the one piece of advice you would give to somebody starting out in L&D?" The summary of the response was "Treat people as... Continue Reading →

This is what L&D people are like

Dr George Sik, consultant psychologist at eras ltd gave a Topic Taster session at the CIPD L&D Show.  Using psychometric data from over 4,000 people, the talk was entitled: "Learning and Development professionals: what gives you the edge?" Self-knowledge is clearly a big draw, judging from the crowded arena.  Perhaps as many as 150 nervous professionals waited... Continue Reading →

Letting go, and clinging on – the future of L&D

I've been thinking about some emerging themes of today's CIPD L&D Show - "emerging" in the sense that I've stumbled across them in the maelstrom of exhibition stands, Topic Tasters, workshops, Arenas, reports and case studies that is Kensington Olympia today. I'd be interested to know if people agree - whether here, or not. I'd put the... Continue Reading →

Using the voice: top tips from acting

I attended a session run by the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (part of the University of London).  The speaker was voice and executive coach Susan Room, who is studying at the School. The School uses content from its MA in Voice Studies and BA in Acting to develop communications courses - NHS, Twitter,... Continue Reading →

Strengths-based development

Trudy Bailey led a session at the Learning Arena on strengths-based development.  Trudy is a consultant at CAPP & Co Ltd.  She was supported by psychologist Reena Jamnadas, who took part in a live demonstration of a coaching conversation. Trudy set out three crucial areas for strengths: Performance - what we do well Energy -... Continue Reading →

7 Key Learning Trends

The Open University will be launching its Trends in Learning 2016 report at the CIPD L&D Show next week - here's a link to the timetable.  Look for 10:55 on Wednesday.  It's one of the free sessions in the main exhibition hall. Everybody loves a Key Learning Trend, and there will be seven of them.... Continue Reading →

Forager-learners at #cipdldshow

I'm attending the CIPD L&D Show 2016 - and this time, for the first time, as an official "blogsquad" member. This means I get to look frantic with a laptop for two days. Clearly there's a wealth of learning at #cipdldshow - er, that's the point - but how do you go about prioritising your... Continue Reading →

Working out loud: does it help?

Last week I blogged on future online courses in the Diplomatic Academy - The brave new world of online courses - and shared the link in two ways: "externally" via a few tweets, and "internally" in my organisation via the intranet (FCO PeopleFinder). This was a very small-scale experiment in "working out loud".  I picked a subject which I thought was... Continue Reading →

The brave new world of online courses

“Glorified correspondence classes”. “All the drawbacks of sage-on-the-stage, Professor-based teaching.. but without the warmth of human contact.” “The latest fad.” "Nobody ever finishes them." “Isn’t it just e-learning with a few more bells and whistles?” All accusations levelled at the new generation of online courses – whether you call them MOOCs, xMOOCs, cMOOCs or guided... Continue Reading →

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