L&D and Improbable Aiming Skills

This is a homage to http://www.tvtropes.org , a labyrinth of wit about TV, film, comic and gaming clichés.  The clichés we’re all familiar with.  The sort of website you can get lost in for hours. At some point the clichés started to remind me of L&D because if you’re in the L&D industry, you too... Continue Reading →


Nine Ways to Avoid Dropout

British Embassies employ more than 15,000 people scattered around the planet, so online and remote learning are a crucial part of the mix for the Diplomatic Academy.  Crucial, that is, as long as people take part. We all know the dropout rate on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) looks like the 62m drop on the... Continue Reading →

Getting to Grips with MOOCs

Donald H Taylor’s recently updated blog on MOOCs inspired me to write about what we’re doing with MOOCs in the Diplomatic Academy.  Basically we’re hoping to support online learners by making MOOCs part of blended programmes, rather than letting them sit there as self-study options.  It’s very early days.  It would be great to hear... Continue Reading →

Sharing Skills plus 7 Top Tips on Blogging

This blog is about "sharing skills". I'm not talking about the sharing skills of children - "you've got to learn to share" -"be nice to your little sister, give her some as well" - although to be fair my own children did develop a good sharing methodology based around two crude methods: Rock, Paper, Scissors "You divide in... Continue Reading →

Working out loud: does it help?

Last week I blogged on future online courses in the Diplomatic Academy - The brave new world of online courses - and shared the link in two ways: "externally" via a few tweets, and "internally" in my organisation via the intranet (FCO PeopleFinder). This was a very small-scale experiment in "working out loud".  I picked a subject which I thought was... Continue Reading →

The brave new world of online courses

“Glorified correspondence classes”. “All the drawbacks of sage-on-the-stage, Professor-based teaching.. but without the warmth of human contact.” “The latest fad.” "Nobody ever finishes them." “Isn’t it just e-learning with a few more bells and whistles?” All accusations levelled at the new generation of online courses – whether you call them MOOCs, xMOOCs, cMOOCs or guided... Continue Reading →

The future (or not) of the internal L&D provider

I thought I'd flag up two pieces of work that caught my eye last week. Firstly, Jane Hart (@C4LPT) has published some contributions she's gathered for an article entitled: "What if there were no L&D Department?" These include comments from well-known L&D thinkers Charles Jennings, Clark Quinn and Harold Jarche.. and from a couple of colleagues in the... Continue Reading →

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