What am I missing on Twitter?

Back in February I blogged about some early lessons from Twitter.  Nine months later, I’ve become one of those irritating colleagues who goes around evangelising about the “latest” whatever-it-is and just doesn’t shut up about it.

I might even get a Twitter tattoo, to convince people I’m serious – serious that Twitter is the biggest contribution to Continuing Professional Development in L&D since training venues started putting out free sweetshop jars.

Meanwhile, I’ve used Easel.ly to create three infographics to help with future internal learning sessions on Twitter.  Our first Twitter session in the Diplomatic Academy was an absolute model of hands-on learning – 7 or 8 people in a room fiddling with smartphones and grappling with MT, HT, RT, #ff, usernames, Twitterquette and so on.  I want to use these infographics in our next session.

I would love your thoughts on the PDFs below, which cover from the L&D perspective:

– a very simple map of your journey as a Twitter user

– some suggestions on who to follow [NB there is a limit of 25-odd usernames before this gets illegible]

– a representation of L&D Twitter chats around the timezones.

I’ve marked them as “public” on Easel.ly (not sure how you’d search for them, though).  Please help yourself and see if you can improve them.  What other infographics would be good?

The Twitter Journey

Who to follow on Twitter

World Twitter chats on L&D




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